11 oct. 2010

10 reasons to support a man

1.- He makes beautiful babies, takes care of them and loves them like there's no tomorrow.
2.- You are tired of being alone and waisting batteries that pollute the earth, you finally find the perfect lover.
3.- He treats you like no man did before. You are his goddess or his muse.
4.- He is the best in what he does and that makes you feel proud of being with him.
5.- He surprises you each dinner with questions and thoughts that change your mind. He feeds your intelligence with ideas that push you to think out of the box.
6.- He spends the time creating details that would tell you all day long how much he loves you.
7.- He is a perfect gentleman that amuse you with his amazing traveling stories.
8.- He makes you laugh and feel happy for being who you are.
9.- He devoted his life to love and heal all mankind and that's inspiring for you.
10.- If I'm not describing the man you support, then you should ask yourself why am I with him? is it fear or a decision?

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